TimeWhite BoxBlack BoxOpen BoxGrounds
11:00Andrew Ball - Forbidden Languages Maria Moles - Mondo FlockardAll Day
Fixed Media Installation - Eight Channel Fixed Media Playback
 Vicki Hallett - A Day in the Life of an Elephant
12:00 Brodie McAllister - Eigengrau Brass Trio
 Gary Butler/Tim Hilton/Rafel Kaczmarek - Fools in a Forest 
  Johnathon Win - Muskmelon 
 Patrick Lyons - BassElec & co Unknown Collaboration - The Great Mystery
  John Ferguson - Circles
 Brae Grimes - Fortify  All Day
Humphrey Cheung - When I Was Younger, My Dad Believed in Aliens
  Academy Students - Cobra
  Jacques Soddell - The Park
15:00 Rebecca Scully - Thank You Notes
 Rogue Three - Emu Wars 
  Grimes/Drury Collaboration - Unknown
16:00 Melanie Walters (with Dan Thorpe) - Ether: Music for Flute and Electronics 
 Chris Rainier - Bums, Drunks, and Ex-Cons: Harry Partch, Guitars and SongsMartin K. Koszolko - Iubar Project
  Ben Opie, Thea Rossen, Ryan Williams - Urban Gypsies All Day
Beth Arnold - Visual Art: Plane and Field
18:00 Bianca Gannon - Solo Gamelan with Loop Pedal
 Phoebe Green - CRANES  
19:00 Hanli Botha - Inharmonic I-VII
  Laura Chislett Jones - Flute Recital
 The Edge Ensemble - The Edge Ensemble Xiao/Atkins/Reardon-Smith/Koszolko - A special thing... 
  All Day
Snagga's Healthy Sausages - Food Truck Good Times; vegetarian/vegan options
  Nunique Quartet - Nunique Quartet