A meditation on past and present, navigating from moment to moment, guiding our senses with accumulated histories of space and time. “Xavier’s Call” brings together contemporary approaches to the trumpet along with digital and analogue media to develop an idiosyncratic and highly personal sound world focussed on texture and timbre. The ‘impurity’ of electro-acoustic noise harbours the fundamental materials from which the grand design of this music is built, culminating in a sonic structure that is minimal and abstract but also incorporates melodic material. I will construct a 30 minute improvised sight specific solo performance with trumpet, pedals and amplifier. The performance will focus on absorption of the industrialised sonic environment of Testing Grounds into the fabric of my improvised language through the use of extended techniques, electronic processing, silence and acoustically produced tectonic plates of sound. This performance would best fit and open space if possible, where the sounds of Testing Grounds can be clearly heard alongside or in compliment to the performance. “Squeezed and oddly burbling lip manipulations, sounding strangely fleshy, were punctuated by the mechanics of the valves being operated, and sometimes left far below as a pure trumpet tone rose in unforced but soaring and somewhat operatic arcs.” - John Clare Reuben Lewis’ practice is both singular and eclectic. Since relocating to Melbourne from Berlin he has emerged as an influential voice in the new jazz, free improv and avant scenes in Australia. He leads I Hold the Liona’s Paw and The Inflorescence Ensemble, which both explore the in-betweens of groove music(s), collective improvisation, and transient compositional forms. He is also co-leader of the international new-music ensemble The Phonetic Orchestra, which tours extensively through Europe. Reuben is a co-leader of the international new-music ensembles The Phonetic Orchestra and SVELIA, as well as a member of free-improvisation groups Palaver and Infinite Ape, contemporary large ensemble Unfix, cross-medium improvisation collectives THIS Ensemble and Tony Yap Company. He was a participant in The Australian Art Orchestraa’s Creative Music Intensive (2015 and 2016) as well as the inaugural MAP Delhi Residency (2015) with the Tony Yap Dance Company. His group IHTLP was selected for the inaugural Lebowskia’s Development Residency in 2016.