The content of Medusa is in a traditional frame together with Vaudeville theater and postdramatic features. It also focuses on post digital movement highlighting the aspects of data, social media and today’s technology world. It also explores the content of what surrounds society through experimental music theatre, with this it is support with notated score, live improvisation and libretto text. It also explores the roles of male and female - that there is no specificity of the two genders, but more rather each gender interconnects one another. There are four performers on stage along with 2 or 4 loudspeakers that surround the space. We also play with the concept of movement, sound and data - how every move we make creates a sound through data. We use programs of MAX MSP, musical translation using data (when you move, when you write a text, when you use the search engine for your website etc), we also created our own ‘app-lication’ with our programmer to have this focus of this app phenomenon world. Musical translation is a term that transmits through the computer using text which allows the participation of the audience to “compose live” which is then directly translated or interpreted by the performer on stage. Part I A la rehearsal Italiano Pre wedding scenes, virtual, “fake news”, theoretical content Part II Wedding ceremony _Audience participation_ - concrete content, practical content, dialogue lottery develops into a Judgement of Medusa - Identity and post trans of two people without gender. KiT is born during one lunch time in a large and noisy Zurich University canteen. Three musicians from three different cultures discovered what they were experiencing. They were in exile (Switzerland) for divers of political/familial reasons, motivated to prove to themselves so they can succeed professionally and their studies/practice were not related to what they were expected to achieve. Which famous places have you already performed in? So yes, they wanted to live together a creative adventure regardless the culture, the color of skin, the gender or the nationality. For people who consider all the other living beings as part of the same family, regardless of their blood, if they are a fish or a mammal, or speaking the language, totem is the main symbol of this new collective. We are international, Kollektiv international Totem has become KiT (in Russian it means Whale, by the way) They started to play some “reenactment” music theater piece together, willing unconsciously to treat themselves and hopefully the others. They also interpreted and stage contemporary music scores and pre-recording media from repertoire. They enjoy the motto “if an artwork does not cures, it is entertainment” *A. Jodorowsky KIT is continuing this exploration of the concert format in both collaborative transcultural interdisciplinary projects. Recently, they formatted projects with other members of an exchange program through the ZHdK, as well as connecting with artists in the new music, experimental scene. More than just designing concerts, the members of KIT have a long-term goal of expanding their collective network throughout the world.