Tilde New Music and Sound Art was started in 2013 by Alice Bennett and Vincent Giles, to address the absense of events at the fringes of art music in the southern hemisphere. The first festival was in 2014 and it has grown steadily since then to a biennial, currently eight day event called Tilde New Music Week, encompassing an academy for new music, the festival, and other events. Tilde incorporated in 2018.
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The Direction

Tilde New Music and Sound Art Inc., exists for the promotion and support of contemporary art music and related practices of our time. This encompasses: new notated, semi-notated music, free improvisation, computer music, sonic/sound art, and related disciplines that are future-looking, inventive, and/or boundary-pushing. This aesthetic focus limits works to those composed or created within a 50-year period of any given Tilde event, with the exception of works that: are rarely programmed in other contexts; or that address imbalances in representation, access, and diversity. We aim to program works based on merit of the proposal within the criterion set out by the Artistic Directors.
Tilde aims to reduce inequality in festival and concert programming utilising peer-review procedures, with focus areas (or other mechanisms as decided by the Artistic Directors), to increase diversity of representation and programming in order to create an inclusive space, where marginalised voices can be heard. This allows Tilde to engage with, and present, an active snapshot of artistic activity of our time.

The Team

Tilde New Music and Sound Art Inc. consists of two directors, a committee of volunteers, and a membership. As an incorporated association it is bound by the Victorian Incorporated Associations Act. Anybody can request to be a member at either the committee level or general membership. Check back soon for more information on that.

Alice Bennett - Artistic Director and Producer

Alice Bennett is a Melbourne-based flutist and sound artist who works with electronically manipulated flute, found sounds, field recordings, and improvisation. She performs both written and improvised music and is an Artistic Director and Producer of the Tilde New Music Festival.

Vincent Giles - Artistic Director and Manager

Vincent Giles spends his time as a sound artist and composer. His work, whether for the concert hall or the outdoors, a gallery space or a lounge room, for instruments or electronics or both, pays close attention to the influence of space and site on the presentation and reception of the work. Vincent has a keen interest in physics and evolutionary biology, which is a major driving force in his creative work and has lead to doctoral research at the Victorian College of the Arts, University of Melbourne, examining the link between memetics and microsound in sound art.

Kevan Atkins - Production Coordinator

Kevan Atkins has been passionate about music, technology and all things audio since he first began working as an audio engineer at 14 years of age. He is involved in the Melbourne music scene as an audio engineer, sound recordist and composer working primarily in theatre before pursuing his current focus in concert music and sound art. Kevan’s creative practice is a dynamic exploration of the intersection between theatre, physical movement, sound and technology. He is the Production Coordinator of the Tilde New Music Festival.

Megan Stellar - Social Media Coordinator

Megan Steller is an artist manager, writer and producer based in Melbourne, Australia. Her online magazine Rehearsal is rapidly becoming a leading platform for music students: providing mentoring opportunities and promoting honest discussion around mental health and success in the classical music industry. Having completed a Bachelor of Music at the University of Melbourne as a pianist and repetiteur, Megan is now passionate about assisting students find their place in the industry by developing their skill set beyond the stage and working in a collaborative producer role for local and visiting artists. As a journalist, Megan has been published in Limelight Magazine and The Music, and works as a freelance manager for several major ensembles and organisations.

Elise Pendergast - Intern

Entertainment management student and bachelor of music (voice) graduate Elise Pendergast is breaking into the Australian music and entertainment scene. Having moved her life from East Gippsland Elise has big dreams for her future career in the industry. Working for organisations such as Ravens Nest Artists and the Australian Institute of Youth Performing Arts Australia have taught Elise the importance of hard work and resilience. Along with such roles Elise has been apart of some of Melbourne’s biggest events, which include Melbourne Music Week, Melbourne Fashion Week, Moomba Festival, St Kilda Festival and The Falls Festival just to name a few. Now in her final stages of study at the Australian Institute of Music, Elise hopes to gain as much experience and knowledge as she can from the leaders in the industry.

James Tyrrell - Intern

Intern bio coming soon. Record label owner, general good dude. Website

The Committee

The committee supports the directors in realising the Tilde New Music and Sound Art events, and in providing governance to the association. The committee consists of the following members:
Alice Bennett - President | Website
Vincent Giles - Vice-President, acting-Secretary, acting-Treasurer | Website
Kevan Atkins | Website
Lisa Cheney | Website
Ali Fyffe | Website
Nat Grant | Website
Marlene Radice | Soundcloud
Ryan Williams | Website
Megan Steller | Website
Jacques Soddell | Website
Roger Alsop | Website
Anthony Lyons | Website
Miranda Hill | Ensemble Website