Containing the infinite is a collaboratively composed spatial sound work utilising transformed sonic material from the Testing Grounds site. Five emerging sound artists explore ideas around the distillation of a sound space into a contained space within the infinite, synthesising a combined perspective of the Testing Grounds’ sonic environment. Audio field recordings, contact microphone recordings and transformed visual material has been further processed by each sound artist, and collaboratively arranged to form a 4 channel sound work. In experiencing this work as it is projected back into the Testing Grounds space at Tilde new Music Festival, the audience can experience their own perceptions as a further layer, interacting with that of the sound artists involved in composing the work.

Our cohort comprises members of CLIP sound art collective. CLIP is a collective of interdisciplinary artists with sound as a common medium. Through difference CLIP will realise our collaborative and individual aims. Our conceptual, artistic and aesthetic differences allow us to engage with all projects through divergent understandings, the project being a culmination of the different perspectives. CLIP will find new spaces for sound, listening and performance. CLIP will investigate sound through making, exhibiting, performance, process, listening, research, workshops, collaboration and curation. CLIP is committed to enduring diversity, inclusivity and safety in all of their activities and will strive to provide opportunities for underrepresented or marginalised groups. CLIP will offer a platform for sound makers that challenges canonical ideas of sound art.