Muskmelon explores notions of negation and perception in both performative and compositional contexts. Scored for solo laptop and amplification, causal relations and sonic development through varied musical events are considered. A musical language of equivocation and specification is employed, cultivating through gesture and stillness.

Foremost a site-specific work, Muskmelon was composed for the Testing Grounds and beyond.

Johnathon Win (b. 1996) is a Melbourne-based composer whose oeuvre consists of solo pieces, chamber works, electroacoustic music and incidental music for film.

Johnathon’s research and musical language is concerned with the notions of idealism and viability as well as the process of refinement in the artistic process. The concept of possibility is also often explored in his work, notably in relation to the activities of music making and listening. These key compositional facets have guided Johnathon’s technical and theoretical development and studies. He is also interested in hip-hop music, film, food and cooking.

Johnathon is currently working towards a Bachelor of Music (Composition) at Monash University studying with Thomas Reiner and David Chisholm among others. In January 2016, he partook in the inaugural Tilde New Music Academy focusing on computer music. As a performer, Johnathon has played drums, recorder and electronics in various ensembles.

More recently, Johnathon’s work Thanks David for piano, cello and bass clarinet will be premiered by Melbourne-based trio Ensemble Liaison. He is currently working on music for solo, choral and chamber ensembles.